I just did a week and a half long stint on the road, shooting something I can't talk about because of an NDA. I'm sitting here on a plane home from the last leg of the journey, Chicago, and I'm still wrapping my brain around New York CIty.

After getting yelled at by an Uber because he didn't want to meet us where we asked, I had a swift realization that we weren't in LA anymore. It's a place where cabs will run other cabs off the road, a place where the strangers threaten to kill you in an elevator, a place where the wannabe scene makers camp in hotel lobbies, a place that makes you hate everyone instantly. It was a place where the only rule seemed to be "every man for himself." 

And that made it beautiful. 

It is a place with 8.04 million people, all trying to make it the city their own using any means necessary. It was easy to get pissed off at slow walkers or at lousy drivers or at anyone because you knew you'd never see them again. They were a speck of dust in space to your human experience, as well as everyone looking down from their 82nd floor offices. But at the same time, so were you, and it kept you grounded.

I went into a store that only sold mannequin parts and jewelry displays.  There was no reason for that store to exist, but there it was, just off Broadway in Midtown Manhattan. Nobody other than the owner was there, and it didn't look like anything had been sold in weeks. But the store was still open, and in the grand scheme of New York City, also just a speck of dust. I don't know where I was going with that.

I'm still digesting it. 

Drink Coffee

The first thing you need to do every morning (after hitting snooze every 9 minutes for a half hour or so and then checking Instagram and Twitter) is make a coffee for yourself or a loved one .

Coffee has a special place in my heart. My dad gave me my first cup when I was 5 or 6, and it was ok. Then when I was 10, I started drinking it daily. Throughout high school, a bit in college, and then a 4 month stint after college, I had worked in every coffeeshop in my hometown. I have very strong feelings about coffee.

Now, it's an addiction, but not how you'd think. There's no doubt that I have a caffeine addiction, but it goes deeper than that. I need to make the coffee. I need the ritual of measuring the beans, of grinding, of prepping, tamping, pouring, tamping, plunging, pulling, or whatever the method of the day is. If it came up to all of this and I only got a sip, or nothing at all, I think the effects of a morning coffee would take hold because of the ritual. Some sacrifice goats, I make coffee.

Coffee has a soul, and coffee wakes ours up. Jesus that's cheesy.



From as early as I can remember, whenever I asked my parents about jobs, I was always told to do something that makes you happy, because then you won't mind doing it all day. This is different for everyone, some people like being outside all day, some people like talking to people, and some people genuinely enjoy doing work that would be mind numbing to 90% of the population. Not sure what all these jobs would be, but people probably have them, and they love doing them. So with the idea of finding a place or way to exchange doing what you love for money to be spent on goods or services, there's one do and one do not:

  • Do: Have a job.
  • Do not: Work.

I probably shouldn't be admitting this on a public space, but I recently went about a month without a traditional "weekend," and it wasn't so bad. Obviously, I missed seeing my girlfriend, I missed keeping normal sleeping hours, I missed eating home cooked meals, but I never felt like I was "working."

Was I busy/stressed/frustrated/cussing at a frequency greater than the dad from A Christmas Story when he was fixing the furnace? Yes.

But never once did I think "wow, I should've gone into accounting*."

So basically, my lifestyle advice for today is figure out what you want to do, where you want to do it, and figure out a plan to just go do it. You might not know what your non-work employment dream is is, but that's ok. You can figure that out, and once you know what you want to do, you'll know. You might not be able to do your non-work right now, but that's ok too. Just focus on getting there, and it'll be even less like work once you're there.

Don't work, be employed, love what you do.

*apologies to accountants everywhere who love what they do

Lifestyle Professional

I hate lifestyle bloggers. Not just the people broadcasting their top 10 apps for blind children or what the best chairs are for 2015, but also everyone saying "here's how to get sexy six pack abs" while recommending dangerous workout regimens.

I know someone who once published their guide to living more like Paris Hilton, when their only connection to Paris Hilton was that they once ate at Carl's Jr and have also been around a car. 

But alas, people read that shit. So, in my ever growing quest for internet attention, I'm starting a lifestyle blog about the lifestyle I know the most about - my own.

In the posts following, I will provide my own guide to living more like me.  By simply following my lifestyle guidelines, you too will be happy, successful, handsome and/or beautiful, and all of your wildest dreams will come true.

New posts every Tuesday.